I Failed My Writing Challenge

This one is going to be a quick post.  But yes, I failed my writing for 30 days straight challenge. I’m going to have to restart this one. The biggest challenge I had was writing right before I went to bed. Often I’d be so tired that I’d just crash so the desire to write was outweighed by the desire to sleep. I will undertake this challenge and instead write in the morning (or should I say…when I wake up). Hopefully that will go better. I still want to accomplish this one.

I Failed My Challenge for the Second Time

Day 22 of 30 of Writing Challenge

This is not the first time I’ve slipped up in my write for 30 days straight writing challenge. I failed one day about a week ago and I’ve done so again yesterday. Again the culprit is sleep. I feel asleep before I could write my post. Excuses excuses excuses.

Rather than explain how I missed a day. Let me be more constructive and get some writing practice down. Here are some random observations I’ve had based on my weekend. They will be most random.

My First Porn Shoot

I had the opportunity to observe my first porn shoot/set. Interestingly enough I observed no sex and watched 3 male porn stars act out an office scene for 4 hours. While you’d think this be boring, it was actually quite fascinating to see how these films get made. It was also cool to see how these actors actually have some acting chops. I didn’t expect that. I’m not sure how I would have felt observing an actual sex scene live. I’m sure that probably would disturb my zen like calm.

The Republican Debates

I haven’t been actively watching any of these Republican debates. However, it seems like after each of the debates without fail one of the candidates does or says something ridiculous which ends up all over the news. Even aside from the trip ups these candidates have been having, do any of these candidates actually have a plan to help our country? Not just talking points and pandering to the audience. An actual plan and vision for the future of the country? So far I haven’t heard much so while I’m not a fan of what Obama has done so far I feel in his hands than these other clowns (oops, I didn’t want to call them clowns, but I couldn’t help myself).

My Zeo Sleep

So far my sleep trials with the Zeo application have revealed one major thing about my sleeping habits. I move a lot during my sleep. I have yet to have a perfect night where the sensor has remained on my head. This has made it extremely difficult in actively monitoring my sleep. Maybe handcuffs will work.

Day 16 of 30 of No Internet News Challenge

I still sometimes get the cravings for browsing some internet news. It’s more of a way to pass the time than the fact that I actually get anything of value out of it. I wonder if this is how recovering drug addicts feel?

Fighting Myself in Order to Keep My Zeo Sensor on My Head

Day 21 of 30 of Writing Challenge

I think last night was my 4th or 5th night with the Zeo mobile sleep tracker. Each and every night during REM sleep I’ve had my sensor come off. At first I thought it must have fallen off while tossing and turning. However, I’m starting to suspect that I’m taking off in my sleep. The main reason I’m thinking this might be the case is the fact that both my sensor and sleep mask are both off. I’m my own worst sleep enemy. Because of this I haven’t been able to get any good readings these past 2 nights.

I’m tempted to just tie my hands together. But wait. That’s probably not a good idea.

Anyway, here’s the data that I did manage to get.

Last night’s sleep stats:

Last night’s sleep graph:

Day 15 of 30 of No Internet News Challenge

I found myself tempted to check news while waiting for someone. I find that’s when I like to read news. Namely when I’m forced to wait. I fought the urge though.

Zeo Score of 33: Zeo Doesn’t Like to be Charged Upside Down

Day 21 of 30 of Writing Challenge

Going to sleep has definitely been more exciting since getting the Zeo sleep tracker. Each night I get to try to beat my previous sleep score by just sleeping. It’s fun also waking up to discover what was going on while sleeping.

Anyway, I learned an important Zeo lesson. Always keep your Zeo properly charged. I woke up only to find that my Zeo’s battery was dead and I had lost some data. It turns out while I thought my Zeo was charging during the day that it was upside down so it was receiving no charge. My score also wasn’t helped by once again taking off the sensor in my sleep. I’m going to tighten it tonight.

Overall my sleep last night was not as pleasant as the previous night. Hopefully I do better tonight.

Sleep stats:

Sleep graph:

Day 14 of 30 of No Internet News Challenge

Less Sleep But Higher Score Than Before Zeo 76

Day 20 of 30 of Writing Challenge

Last night was another fun night with the Zeo mobile sleep tracker.

Here is the data from last night:

Here is the sleep graph breakdown:

I’ve been monitoring my sleep for the past 3 nights to see my sleeping habits. In 3 nights I’m convinced that this device is doing something special if not reading my brain waves. I’ve found it to be at least relatively accurate in terms of when I was awoken and when the sensor was off (past 3 nights at some point during sleep the sensor has fallen off). If what they say about REM sleep is when you dream then I can corroborate the data measured from last night’s sleep. The smart alarm on the Zeo woke me up around 11AM. I remember waking up from a dream, snoozing the alarm, and going back to sleep. If you look at the graph data you’ll see when this happened and you’ll also see how I was in REM stage, woken up, and then back in REM.

What’s interesting about the data is seeing how even though I got 40 minutes less sleep than the first night (had 6:51 minutes) how I had a higher score thanks to longer time in deep sleep and almost the same amount of REM sleep. The best part was I was only woken up 3 times during the sleep. Most of which was due to the alarm in the morning. The end result is I felt pretty rested throughout the day (especially when you compare it to the first night’s sleep).

We’ll see how tonight goes. Here are some factors that could effect sleep:

  • had 12 oz can of green tea
  • had a 16 oz iced black tea un-sweetened ice tea
  • no exercise

Day 13 of 30 of No Internet News Challenge

Second Day Zeo Score 106

Day 19 of 30 of Writing Challenge

So I used the Zeo again last night.

My score was 106, but that’s not all me. I let Sandy try it out when she went to sleep so about an hour of it is her stats. Even so I slept more than the night before by about 2 hours or so. Waking up was still tough, but overall I felt more rested than yesterday. I also got more deep sleep and REM sleep. I like those patches of uninterrupted sleep. In the morning I used an eye mask as well since it was kind of bright. Going to keep using that. I might also look into ear plugs as well.

Here’s my sleep stats:

Here is the sleep data for the night:

Notes for today’s pre-sleep:

  • Had 2 beers
  • Had 1 diet coke (about 12 oz)
  • I switched to a new set of invisalign trays

Day 12 of 30 of No Internet News Challenge

My First Day ZEO Score is 73, Now What?

Day 18 of 30 of Writing Challenge

Like I mentioned yesterday I purchased a ZEO mobile sleep monitoring device. I wore to sleep for the first time last night. Comfort-wise the ZEO sensor is OK. Not the most comfortable. Not the most uncomfortable. At one point during the night I woke up and the sensor as off my head. I must have taken it off my head or in my tossing and turning had it come off.

Anyway here is my sleep stats from last night.

Here is my sleep graph breakdown:

Overall I felt like my sleep was pretty crappy. I did feel like I got woken up at least 8 times so at least that sensor is sensing something. During the day I had drank some caffeine in the form of iced tea and diet coke while I was at subway. Tea wise it was probably 16 oz. Diet coke maybe 8 oz max. I did also run for about a mile during the day. Nothing spectacular. Right before I went to bed I was reading on my laptop.

Anyway, today I didn’t drink any caffeine so we’ll see how tonights rest goes.

Day 11 of 30 of No Internet News Challenge


Pornification Post and MyZeo Sleep Coach Excitement

Day 17 of 30 of Writing Challenge

2 things I want to include in this post.

First thing is that I finally published the post I had been working on for ELM called “Pornificaiton: The Future of Web Startups“. Initially I had called the post “Porn Startups.” The reason being was that this post started out as some random jokes I had cracked about just turning popular web companies into straight up porn companies. That idea blossomed into the post that now exists. It was a work in progress over several weeks. It wasn’t so much that I was working on it straight for that many weeks, but that I had a draft and didn’t touch it again until weeks later.

The day before I had been working on the images for the post (finding and photoshopping images…my proudest image is the Instaporn logo…looks almost spot on). I’m not a photoshop expert so I was happy the way the images turned out. Either way the images took some time as well as edits that I did for the post. I’m not a good writer so it took me some time to figure out how to organize the post. To compensate for lack of verbal ability I added the images. I know people don’t like to read too many words (especially my words) so I’d give them images of scantily clad women and screenshots with the words “fuck” on them.

It’s funny how the writing process goes. It wasn’t until yesterday when I was working on the post that I decided to change up the tone of the post to include the “gamification” angle. I made the connection and thought that the parallels between gamification (which makes some technologists jizz in their pants) and this made up “pornification” concept would be pretty funny. After I found the wikipedia article for gamificaton I did a search for pornification. Nothing showed up. That was my inspiration for doing the post as a pornification post.

…Man…i’m pissed. This post I was writing didn’t post properly and I lost about 300 words I had written. That’s not cool. I don’t feel like writing them again.

The other thing was the My Zeo Mobile sleep tracker. Going to test that out now.

Day 10 of 30 of No Internet News Challenge

I did go to hacker news, reddit, digg to submit the post I wrote above. But i didn’t stick around and browse, but just submitted the post. I should be in the clear still.

I Failed One Day in My Writing Quest

Day 16 of 30 of Writing Challenge

The goal is to write for 30 days straight and I have failed in this quest by one day. I’m disappointed in myself. Let me make my best excuse for missing one day.

This whole week I’ve been getting about 5-6 hours  of sleep a night. While other people might be able to operate with that amount of sleep I can’t as after a few days it catches up to me. It caught up yesterday with me. I normally have been going to bed at 5 or 6 in the morning, but yesterday I fell asleep around midnight…only to wake up around 4 am to take Sandy to the airport. I thought after taking her to the airport I would just go back to sleep, but I ended up working on a blog post for ELM. Next thing I knew it was sunny outside so I decided just to stay awake and save up the tiredness for tonight.

I manage to stay awake until 10PM. Though I had to rely on caffeine in the form of yerba mate. It helped, but around 10PM I passed out only to wake up a little bit ago. That’s when I realized I had missed one day of writing and out of guilt forced myself to write this.

I’m going to go to sleep now and wake up early. See if I can become a new man. In the hopes of redeeming myself…

Day 9 of 30 of No Internet News Challenge

The Sweet Surrender of Sleep

Day 15 of 30 of Writing Challenge

I’m pretty tired right now, but I forced myself to write. I figure if I don’t do it now there’s a good chance I won’t do it tomorrow (or today since it’s already morning). The rule for writing is to just to write something. Here’s my something. I just want to sleep. I’m writing this sentence with my eyes closed. Oh well. I did it.

Day 8 of 30 of No Internet News Challenge