July 4th Celebration of Alcohol Independence Year

So Tuesday, July 3rd, was my last day I could drink alcohol according to my sober year challenge. I ended up going out out and enjoying myself one last time with the devil’s drink. It was a fun time, though I can’t remember the last half of the night. I guess it’s good I didn’t have too good of a time otherwise it’d make this year that much harder to get through.

The next day, July 4th, wasn’t too hard to get through alcohol free. Although a traditionally alcohol filled holiday, I had no strong desire to drink. I think the combination of drinking from the night before combined with being on my friend’s boat made me NOT want to drink. I’ve always hated the ocean and being seasick on a boat just adds one more reason why I loathe the sea. But when it comes to keeping a guy sober, seasickness is the perfect prescription.

Days Sober: 2
Days Left: 363

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