Survived the Weekend…My Observations

Alright, so I’ve made it through the weekend alcohol free. I didn’t have that much of an inkling to drink, but definitely more so than I did on the 4th of July boat excursion. Part of it was probably due to the slight hangover from the Tuesday night and the other part to the continual rocking of the boat. But I noticed on Friday when I opened my freezer to get some ice I saw a bottle of unopened Grey Goose staring right at me.My Kryptonite It’s like it was beckoning me to drink it, “drink me, drink me.” I don’t know if it was so much the smooth filtered taste created from the finest French wheat that I missed, or the fact that someone else was going to enjoy it’s mind numbing fun that came with it’s ingestion….I think it was the fun part I missed. Either way I got over my one my first hurdle.

On Saturday I ended up going to go play poker at a friend’s house along with some of his friends. Of course being the gracious hosts they offered me a drink. They had all kinds of whiskey, tequila, beer, etc…I opted out for the Coca Cola. I figured since I wasn’t getting my alcohol fix that maybe caffeine could be it’s substitute equivalent substitute. [Wow, I really sound like a drug addict after reading that…trust me I’m not quitting alcohol because I’m addicted to alcohol.] As we played poker and others were drinking and I didn’t want to stand out being the only one with a can of Coke so I transfered My Drink for Special Occasionsmy Coke to a Styrofoam cup with some ice to make my new drink of choice, Coke on the Rocks. Anyway, I didn’t pretty decent and won the first mini round of poker (big stakes, I’m talking $5 buy in). I like to think it was because I wasn’t drinking, but the second round I lost everything bringing my total losses to $25. It could have been because later during that game I switched to a new drink, Agua de Minerale (water), and the lack of any chemical enhancement made me lose my poker edge. It was a fun time…would it have been more fun with alcohol? Maybe, but I’ve always felt that alcohol is more of fun deluding drug–a drug that turns ordinary things seemingly so much more fun than before.

Now a little poorer and not wanting to lose anymore money to those guys I decided to meet a friend, we’ll call him Steven, at a local dance club. I didn’t really feel like going out that much, but I felt since I was in the neighborhood and I wanted to test my alcohol resistance resolve I’d go meet them up. I get there a little before midnight, find free parking (one of my favorite things in LA…besides free alcohol) and head inside. Already Steven is pretty drunk, but he’s a friendly fun drunk so it’s cool. He really wanted to meet girls so he kept dragging me to the dance floor to “talk” to girls there. Steven can really handle his liquor, but at this point he was stumbling a little and slurring his words…put these two factors together and you don’t have the best recipe for meeting girls, even more difficult is trying to meet girls on the dance floor (let alone talk to them). Either way, he’s a friend so I’d humor him. We went out to the dance floor where he attempted to meet girls. As you can imagine none were very receptive to him. After a while when the girls looked like they were getting a little freaked out I’d drag him away. For the record being sober on a dance floor is not theThis is better dancing than what i saw most fun thing. Now since my mind was much more keen and observant I started noticing thing I hadn’t really noticed before. My first revelation… there was a lot of bad dancing going around. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the best dancer either, but what I saw was not so much dancing but men and women dispassionately bouncing up and down on their feet and swaying a little. Some had OK rhythm while others were absolutely atrocious at keeping a beat. I started wondering to myself if this kind of dancing has always been going around when I go out or if it was because this was the first time I really noticed it since I wasn’t drinking? It definitely was amusing to watch and served as one of my highlights of the night.

A little later in the night I went to the restroom and when I came back a few bouncers were escorting Steven out of the club. Apparently they thought he was too drunk and inevitably was going to vomit on their pristine floor. His friend and I tried to convince the bouncers otherwise, but they wouldn’t here it. So he got kicked out. I didn’t want him to be alone so I figured I was sober and staying inside wasn’t that amusing so I hung out with him until the club closed and his other friends came out.

Overall going out sober was a good experience and reminded me some of the benefits of going out Sober Suzy (cousin of Negative Nancy) style. I’ll list the pros and cons I’ve learned:

Pros of not drinking:

  • I saved money on not buying alcohol
  • I didn’t have to worry about getting kicked out
  • I didn’t have to look like the other people on the dance floor
  • [One of the most important ones] I had peace of mind while driving home

Cons of not drinking:

  • It gets a little boring
  • You feel like you have to be more responsible (this is where they sometimes get the term babysitting)
  • The shenanigans of other drunk people around you gets old real fast

Well, I’ve made it to day 6 so that means only 359 days left to go… woot woot.

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