Drinking = fun?

Well I’m proud to announce that I’m still sober. I think that brings the total count to 31 days. Another 14 day and I will have reached my last record of 45 days (I’ll spare you the math). So far it hasn’t been too bad. But still hearing about other people’s drinking silliness and escapades makes me a little sentimental. There is something about alcohol that “loosens” you up, and I guess it’s the fact that I can’t have that synthetic loosening up process work for anymore which makes me a tad sad. I just have to find the natural way of inducing that state of mind.

What’s kind of funny is that I found an old journal entry from when I was 15 (and of course didn’t drink) and I wrote an entry about what I felt about of alcohol. Just to preface it when I was 15 I went to a summer camp in Taiwan to study Chinese. There were no parents and the kids there ranged anywhere from 15 to 22. So as you can imagine it was a perfect environment to goof around since we were all in a foreign country with a bunch of young people. Like I said I didn’t drink and really frowned upon drinking. In the entry I was angry since someone at the summer camp basically told me that in order to have a good time that you needed to drink…

But that’s not what angered me, what angered me was she implied to have fun you had to get drunk. Now wait a minute since when is feeling like barfing, having a headache, and looking like a fool fun? U.S. teenagers are sometimes extremely dumb.

Looking what I wrote now in hindsight seems kind of funny to me, cause of all the things that I said were stupid of alcohol I’ve now been pretty much guilty of doing…barfing, headaches, looking like a fool. Haha. It’s funny how time does change you. It’s almost as if my whole perspective has changed from not needing alcohol in order to have a fun time, to almost depending on it when going out to a club. This is why this sober challenge means something to me as I want to see if I can rediscover “true” fun as well as see if I can follow through on what I say I will do.

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