101 Days of Soberness Fun

Well, I made it to triple digits of no drinking.  This beats my last record of 45 days by 56 days.  So how has it been so far?  It’s been dry.  Here’s a list of opportunities to drink I chose to pass up:

  • July 4th Celebration
  • Numerous times clubbing
  • Volunteering for a food and wine tasting event
  • A Cambodian wedding (who knew they drank?)
  • Rehersal dinner for wedding below
  • A Jewish wedding with quite an open bar
  • A Chinese wedding with a hosted bar
  • Our own house party

That’s just a few of the bigger events that I remember passing up on drinking.  The first couple of weeks weren’t too bad, but lately I think I’ve been in a slump–meaning it seems harder to resist the temptation to drink.  A lot of time where the temptation lies is in the fact that I’m hanging around a bunch of other drunk people.  Seeing them act silly and stupid sometimes is amusing, but after a while sometimes either a) you want to partake in the silliness  b) you just want to drink so you want care so much how annoying some people are sometimes c) you want to drink to pass the time so something boring magically doesn’t seem so boring anymore.   All not great reasons to drink, but that’s what I’ve determined my reasons are for drinking.

I really think this has been the longest I have gone on without drinking since I turned 21.  I feel healthier I guess.  Can’t really tell if my memory is getting any better, but the plus side is I have saved a lot more money since I’m not spending it on alcohol.

So I guess this means another 264 days left.  Day 200 will be another fun celebration.  When I told my roommates about my day 100 of soberness they joked that we should go celebrate…by drinking.  Woo hoo!

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  1. Sam wrote:

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    Posted 07 Nov 2007 at 10:37 pm

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