Live Free or Die Ridiculous

So I’m sitting in a hotel right now and I flipped on the TV here to find that HBO is playing the most recent Die Hard Movie, Live Free or Die Hard.  I’ve never seen the movie, but I started watching it from the middle.  I have no idea what’s going on…but here were some of my thoughts while watching.

  • What’s Ryan Seacrest doing in this movie…even though the main bad guy isn’t him…he sure looks like him.  Even funnier is the “bad” guy in the movie slaps people and whines and complains…hmmm
  • The Mac guy is curiously enough using PC’s and anything but a Mac…even later a gun. What would Steve Jobs say?
  • When did these movies get so ridiculous?  The first Die Hard was great…

It’s ending now.


Apparently, I’m not the only one who saw the resemblance between Ryan Seacrest and the bad guy in this movie (apparently his name is Timothy Olyphant).  Here’s a snippet from Dave’s blog:


Oh, one last thing. The villain in Live Free or Die Hard looks like Ryan Seacrest. It was distracting. During one of the many tense walkie-talkie exchanges between McClanebot and Bad Guy, I kept expecting the guy to say, “I’ve got your daughter now, McClane. Seacrest OUT!”

You can read his whole post here.

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