McCain Ad Logic: McCain Won’t Live to Be Your President

will he make it?

I’m amazed at the kind of ads the McCain campaign has been releasing into the wild.  It’s amazing to see how he flat out lies or as the media likes to call it “stretch the truth.”  What prompted this post was this article I read about  McCain Loses Fox News: Megyn Kelly Rips McCain Flack for Claiming Obama Would Raise Middle Class Taxes.  Basically it’s an article with video that criticizes the McCain camp for releasing ads which state that if elected Obama will raise taxes for the middle class.  This contradicts the stated official Obama plan which is to raise taxes for those making over $250,000.

Unless the GOP and McCain believe that the middle class encompasses people who make over $250,000 (which is a big possibility considering how much more McCain makes compared to us “regular” people), then I can’t see how they can with a straight face state that Obama will raise taxes for the middle class.  But rather than base their attacks on facts they would rather base their ads on fear and creative imagination.

I included the video that they linked to in the previously mentioned article.  Here, Tucker Bounds, McCain’s campaign spokesperson, defends the ad stating that Obama will raise taxes.

YouTube Preview Image

The part which gets to the heart of the matter the following exchange [at the 1:12 mark]:

Megyn: …why say he’s [Obama] is taxing the middle class when he’s not?

Tucker:  well because his record says that he WILL

So the whole foundation of their arguments and campaign rest on what they think Obama WILL do based on his supposed record of raising taxes , as opposed to what he has said he will do if elected.  Following that logic why don’t they just say “If Obama is elected, he’ll smoke pot instead of work”?  It’s been documented that Obama had experimented with drugs in the past.  So based on his record that ad could be valid as well.

Based on their logic and if Obama was to “fight fire with fire,” I propose Obama should release a series of ads based around the slogan “Death:  McCain Won’t Live to Be Your President.”  This would be based on the probability of living through his first presidency (15% chance for a healthy 72 year old, based on actuarial tables), his record of mental illness (McCain allegedly attempted suicide twice), and his medical history.  Republicans are notrioulsy skilled at creating ads for scaring the American public into voting for them, so in the same vein the death ad needs to be so scary that people really believe he won’t make it.  It’s grim, but probably more true than their “Obama will raise taxes for the middle class” lies they are spreading.

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