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Apparently I’m Racist

Thanks to the Harvard Implicit Association Test (IAT) a friend of mine sent me to take I have learned that I’m racist.  Harvard doesn’t directly call me a racist, but say that my results “suggest a moderate automatic preference for European American compared to African American.”    If European American = white and African American = […]

Who or What is Robert Scoble Pointing At?

So those in the tech nerd/geek world probably know who Robert Scoble is.  He’s a semi-famous blogger/vlogger who talks about technology and software stuff.  His most recent gig is hosting a show and an article through Fast Comapny Magazine called Scoble on Tech.  His blog is Scobleizer. Anyway, I’ve seen his picture around and if […]

Just Because There’s A Goalie Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Score

It was probably 3 or 4 years ago when the phenomenon known as HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU (the self help book that helped women get over guys they shouldn’t date) hit the United States.  It was an instant hit that resonated with bitter American women across the nation.  Hooray!  I read the book.  […]

MacBook Not Booting (The Conclusion)

If you haven’t been following, my hard drive failed on me a week ago.  I’ve been trying to get that data off the disk.  Last we left off with me waiting to hear back from Jason, a tech support guy for Disk Warrior, a program I had purchased to try to rebuild my hard drive […]

Andre Thomas is INSANE

You see this guy on left?  You might be thinking he’s mugging it up for the camera, but he’s not.   He tore out his eyeball and ate it.  That’s right.  Actually this is an old photo of Texas death row inmate Andre Thomas after he had plucked out one of his eyeballs in 2004 […]

More Respect for Chamillionaire the Rapper

I’m not a big fan of rap.  I do like some songs, but most of the time the mainstream stuff you hear on the radio is all stupid.  Rapping about big houses, fancy cars, big breasted women, etc…  That stuff will brainwash kids/people.  Even more so since they keep playing the same songs on the […]

MacBook Not Booting (Part 2)

Yesterday I left off where I had just bought a new hard drive and an enclosure for the old hard drive (to see if I could salvage any of the old data).  I was able to get the new hard drive working in the computer, which confirmed that the hard drive was the problem.  As […]

MacBook Not Booting (Part 1)

Well, it’s happened again.  Yesterday I was working on my white MacBook 2.0 ghz when all of a sudden it froze up on me.  This has happened before to me and normally I just hold down the power button to shut it down (apparently this is not a good thing to do).  However, this time […]