More Respect for Chamillionaire the Rapper


Hi, I'm Chamillionaire

I’m not a big fan of rap.  I do like some songs, but most of the time the mainstream stuff you hear on the radio is all stupid.  Rapping about big houses, fancy cars, big breasted women, etc…  That stuff will brainwash kids/people.  Even more so since they keep playing the same songs on the radio over and over and over.  It’s legal propaganda.  Case in point, Lil Wayne, “Lollipop”?  How many times does have to say “L-l-l-l-l-ick it like a Lollipop”??  I still can’t get it out of my head.  I do have respect for the pioneers of rap talking about their lives, struggles, hardships, or other insightful observations.

Anyway, some of you may or may not be aware of the rapper, Chamillionaire.  For some reason when I first heard his name I thought he named himself after Charmander the Pokemon, but I have no reasonable explantion why I made that connection.  At any rate he had a hit on the radio a couple of years ago called “Ridin” (some may even recall the very insighful lyrics “Trying to catch me riding dirty”), which I like to think was about him driving in his car after he hadn’t showered for a few days.  I was never a fan of his music, but on occasion I would come across stuff that would crack me up about him.  When he was first coming out I happened to look up “Chamillionaire” on Urban Dictionary.  This made me LOL:

A rapper from Texas. He’s not very talented, but just enough to be on MTV. He looks like 50 Cent, but uglier (Never thought that was possible).
Friend1: Hey, if you mixed 50 Cent, Ja Rule and a sewer rat together you know what you’d get? Chamillionaire! lol.

Friend2: Nah, Chamillionaire’s uglier than that

I got a good chuckle from that.  I’ve included a picture of him so you can be the judge.  The point of this example is just to show that our friend Mr. Chamillionaire apparently has amassed quite a group of haters online.  So much that he wrote a song mocking himself and his legions of haters.  A friend of mine sent me this song,  it’s called “Internet Nerd’s Brother.”  Take a listen.

YouTube Preview Image

The lyrics for the song are pretty funny.  I was actually impressed.  I had groupped Chamillionaire with the rest of the “silly” rappers (those all about the big breasted women), but these lyrics “flow” and are amusing.  This part just illustrates how Chamillionaire just can’t win online:

Let me log on the net, I don’t have no time to waste
I’m a log on to Chamillionaire dot com and rub it in his face
Chamillionaire sucks, Chamillionare’s square
He’s drops alot of mixtapes, but I don’t care
If he don’t switch it up, then I know he’s gonna fail
And if he does switch it up, then I just hope it don’t sell

Don’t worry Chamillionaire, you have yourself a new fan.  I’ll go download your music for free now…

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