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Bad Reasons for Guys to Go Clubbing

I did a guest post over at Go Productions LA on their blog.  Go Productions is a local Los Angeles party promotion company.  They mainly target and throw parties for young Asian Americans at hot venues in Hollywood.  The topic of the post was bad reasons for guys to go night clubbing.  Here’s a snippet […]

Who Watched Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail?

I’m having another crazy pill moment trying to figure out the number 1 movie in America this past weekend.  I was on the movie website, Rotten Tomatoes, yesterday looking up movie times when I came across the top movies this weekend at the box office.  With the Oscars being this past weekend I would have […]

CBS Radio Is Stupid, Don’t Cancel Frosty Heidi and Frank

I just heard from a friend that LA based radio station 97.1 (aka Free FM) will be changing formats from talk radio to what LA needs even more … another Top 40′s station!  I’m so EXCITED.  This way instead of hearing Britney Spears sing “Womanizer” 5000 times a day on 4 other stations I now […]

Bijan: The Worst Marketing in the World

I was driving through west LA today when I came across this billboard while waiting at the light. For those who can’t see images it reads “Bijan: menswear, jewelery, perfume … the most expensive in the world!”  Why did I snap this picture?  I couldn’t believe the best Bijan could come up with for their […]

African American Bachelorettes Love Chocolate Penis Candies

Above is a product picture for “Chocolate Erotic Penis Candies” from, a bachelorette party supply company.  The product itself is pretty self explanatory and somewhat interesting – it’s simply chocolate shaped to look like penises.  What’s more interesting, however, is the product descrption you’ll find on their website. The first part is pretty standard […]

Unhappy Fresh and Easy Customer: An Open Letter

Some of you may or may not be familiar with the grocery store Fresh and Easy.  They’ve been sprouting up all over southern California like weeds.  They are taking a different approach to grocery shopping.   Rather than being a big box grocery store like Vons, Ralphs, Albertsons, etc… they are taking a smaller more […]