Bad Reasons for Guys to Go Clubbing

I did a guest post over at Go Productions LA on their blog.  Go Productions is a local Los Angeles party promotion company.  They mainly target and throw parties for young Asian Americans at hot venues in Hollywood.  The topic of the post was bad reasons for guys to go night clubbing.  Here’s a snippet of it:

There are many different reasons why boys and girls go to night clubs.  For guys in particular typically clubbing is a means to end, namely, to meet and hookup with hotties.  Of course there are other reasons, like going to get drunk, but normally that’s done to assist with the main objective just mentioned (to meet and hookup with hotties, I hope you are following carefully).  Outside of that objective I really don’t think there are ANY good reasons for guys to go clubbing (a few exceptions, you own, work, or promote for a club).  Most guys won’t admit this is why they go, but the guys who actually do score with the chicks have no shame in saying why they go (which is probably why they are successful).  It’s the less confident guys who come up with other reasons for going.  Some of these reason are lame, but others are much worse.  Without further ado, I present to you my Top 5 Bad Reasons for Guys to Go Clubbing:

So if it sounds interesting go ahead and check out the post

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