CBS Radio Is Stupid, Don’t Cancel Frosty Heidi and Frank


I just heard from a friend that LA based radio station 97.1 (aka Free FM) will be changing formats from talk radio to what LA needs even more … another Top 40′s station!  I’m so EXCITED.  This way instead of hearing Britney Spears sing “Womanizer” 5000 times a day on 4 other stations I now can listen to it 5001 times!  HOORAY!  Womanizer Womanizer wo-wo-womanizer…womanizer…ooooh oooooooo yeah!

Sarcasm aside this is the stupidest move EVER.  To confirm that this move was actually true I did a little google action and found this blog piece by the LA Times.  In it they confirmed that

Beginning Friday at 5 p.m., boosters of urban-skewing artists such as Beyoncé, Pink and Britney Spears will have another top 40/”CHR” (contemporary hit radio) station to sing along to in their cars, as L.A.’s only “all-talk” commercial FM station now appears to be all talked out.

And what will they call this station?  They are going to call it AMP Radio.  Because young people are AMPED to hear more crap.  97.1 was my one sanctuary away from Beyonce, Rihanna (RIP), and some girl name Miley, while stuck or driving through traffic.   One of my favorite shows on 97.1 is Frosty, Heidi and Frank… a very witty and hilarious talk show that actually talks about things that are interesting.  I won’t be able to hear them on the radio with this new format thanks to the geniuses at CBS Radio.  That show as well as the Tom Leykis show all had very decent ratings and have been successful for the past few years, so why would they pull the plug on the format?

Listeners of KLSX were probably too old.

Ok, I know I’m getting on in my years, but I don’t feel too old.  So there has to be more.

AMP Radio originally bowed early last year as an online/HD2 station affiliated with KCBS-FM in L.A.  Apparently, the test run was successful enough to convince CBS radio executives that young, texting-and-Twittering teens — the ones who spend money at malls while listening to music via their cellphones — just can’t get enough of artists such as Kanye West and T.I. This is despite the fact that there is plenty of competition in the space — see KPWR (105.9), KIIS (102.7) and KDAY (93.5) — all of which mine similar musical territory in the same market.

What money are these kids spending at the mall?  Last time I checked we are in a recession and if these kids are living in LA chances are their parents had their house FORECLOSED.  Maybe I missed the part in the Obama Stimulus Package…the “if your kids use twitter we’ll give them $1000″ part.  The worst part is why in the world would I listen to AMP Radio when there are at least 3 other stations which all play Kanye and T.I. non-stop?  How do I know this?  It’s because I freaking hear that “Love lock down” song (Kanye) and that other “You can have whatever you like …” song (T.I.) ALL THE TIME.  It’s legalized brainwashing.  I don’t need more and I sure as hell don’t go run out and buy shit when I hear Akon.  I read somewhere that to excel and succeed in business what you want to do is find a niche (something that other people don’t do) and do that well…something like saying having a successful talk radio format amid a gaggle of Top 40 stations.  But apparently CBS Radio execs know something that successful entrepreneurs like Sam Walton (Walmart), Steve Jobs (Apple), Henry Ford (Ford) didn’t and decided just to copy and jump in a crowded market.

Oh but it gets better…so let’s listen to the wisdom of CBS Radio:


“Creating a successful radio station not only means focusing on what you hear over the air — it’s that, yet it’s so much more and as evidenced by what we’re announcing today, the possibilities are endless,” said Kevin Weatherly, senior vice president of programming for CBS Radio, in a news release announcing the format change today.

Am I taking crazy pills again??  WTF is Kevin Weatherly talking about?  Radio I believe is a format that transmits something called “sound waves” which travel through the air, enter through your ear, which send a signal to your brain, all of which we call “listening.”  If you aren’t focusing on what people hear what “endless possibilities” can your new Top 40 AMP Radio station take advantage of?  Will it drive my car for me?  Shine my shoes?  The only possibility I can imagine is the following:

  1. Lady Ga Ga song
  2. Rihanna song
  3. Miley Cyrus drivel
  4. Lady Ga Ga featuring Rihanna with guest star Akon song
  5. Akon song
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 for 8 cycles

Here’s my free advice to you Kevin Weatherly, senior vice president of CBS Radio programming…why don’t you keep the talk show format, but instead focus on shows that will attract these young listeners you so want?  Innovate on the show format to bring in the new audience.  That sounds exciting.  Here I’ll give you topics this hypothetical show could cover

  • Who has cooler sunglasses T.I. or Kanye West?
  • Cool ways to use twitter to follow what Britney Spears is doing all the time
  • Which mall has the coolest Abercrombie store
  • and much much more

According to their research this show would be a megabomb hit.  You can thank me Kevin Weatherly by keeping Frosty, Heidi, and Frank.  I give AMP Radio 4 months before they switch to smooth jazz, or hell I wouldn’t mind another Reggatone station like 96.3 (Latino and proud!).  Young twittering, mall shopping, Ne-Yo fans join me in boycotting this new format! (highly doubt it)

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  1. Jeff wrote:

    I completely agree. This change makes me sick to my stomach. I used to listen to Frosty, Heidi, and Frank and Tim Conway Jr. every day. Now it’s filled with crap.

    To be honest, I don’t think the format change will save 97.1. People aren’t going to be happy after losing their favorite radio personalities. And the people who actually like listening to Top 40 are probably going to continue to listen to the same Top 40 station that they’ve been listening to.

    What really gets to me is that if I want to listen to Brittney Spears (which I don’t) I can already go to a dozen other stations. Where the hell am I supposed to go when I want to hear Tim Conway Jr.?

    Posted 21 Feb 2009 at 1:15 pm
  2. ben wrote:

    Hey Jeff,

    I wasn’t a huge Tim Conway Jr. listener, but when I did listen it to it I did find it pretty amusing. I guess the one thing 97.1 has going for it now is that when the other 3 top 40 stations have commercials you can always switch to it…this way people can have a never ending stream of Britney.

    Posted 21 Feb 2009 at 2:22 pm
  3. Tiffany Bell wrote:

    man this is total BS! I hate top 40… shit i hate top 10! I want adam, danny, FHF, and tom BACK!!!!!

    Posted 24 Feb 2009 at 1:56 pm
  4. JM wrote:

    they made my day , to listen to the laughs from heidi, and the happyness it brought to me, I will never listen to this station again … bad move

    Posted 26 Feb 2009 at 2:21 pm
  5. Genevive wrote:

    According to Frank Kramer, from Frosty, Heidi, and Frank(Go Frank Army), Tom Leykis is to blame for this. Everyone agreed to pay cuts in order to keep the station alive and they could still have their jobs. They all agreed, except for that fat piece of shit Tom Leykis. He can burn in hell, along with the geniuses at CBS that thought this format is so new and fresh. What a bunch of jack-asses. Top 40 is so old and smelly, KBIG 104 was one of these stations, where are they now? I am officially boycotting this station, I hope others are doing the same. I also hope that they go out of business and Frosty, Heidi, and Frank, Tim Conway and his sidekick Whitman all come out on top. Burn in hell CBS, and you too Tom Leykis, you fat piece of shit. As Frank said “Go to Argentina and stomp on grapes you fat fuck.”

    Posted 03 Mar 2009 at 12:33 am
  6. David Warner wrote:

    I still can’t believe that CBS Radio would replace their talk shows with hip-hop. What does this audience buy that would attract mainstream sponsors? Not only does it seem illogical, but what a hole it leaves in the day. There is nothing to listen to. I can only hope that Frosty, Heidi and Frank, Tom Leykis, and the others find (or found) another talk radio station. They are profoundly missed.

    Posted 04 Mar 2009 at 11:31 am
  7. bizzlerun wrote:

    I don’t know if Tom L is to blame for this. I actually had to move to another area and I couldn’t listen to the radio anymore. but if lykis is to blame then yea he’s an ass.

    Out of all of the groups, I really did like Frosty Heidi & Frank. I never could wake up that earily to listen to Adam so I really don’t listen to him. As with Tom L, he was just too crude and that didn’t really vibe with me. Anyhow, hopefully someone else will pick them up. I really did like them.

    Posted 09 Mar 2009 at 9:43 am
  8. ben wrote:

    I feel the same way too, bizzlerun, I started listening to 97.1 when Howard Stern was on in the morning. Then he left and was replaced by Adam. I stopped listening to the morning show after he started. Sad to see the triplets go…

    Posted 09 Mar 2009 at 2:33 pm
  9. Ryan Raphael wrote:

    Does anybody now where frosy, heidi and frank are now ?? 97.1 sucks my ass now !!!!! Please LET ME KNOW THATD BE GREAT… SOMEBODYS GOT TO KNOW.

    Posted 02 Apr 2009 at 9:03 am
  10. Howard wrote:

    How does someone like Kevin Weatherly still have a job? And to be fair, it isn’t all his fault that making KLSX AMP Radio was such an obvious mistake. Let’s see what they’re failing to recognize:

    * The majority of the songs they play suck ass.
    * The songs they play that are at least okay are in the minority.
    * All of these songs are overplayed.
    * Despite high ratings, CBS Radio eliminated a seemingly proven talk radio format to compete in an already crowded “Top 40″ market in the dying industry known as terrestrial radio which is competing with SiriusXM, where I can listen to a vast variety of music and shows pretty much whenever I want to.

    I still have a properly functioning alarm clock radio so I can hear Frosty, Heidi and Frank at 9AM-12PM on 790 KABC. But after that, it’s time to switch on SiriusXM.

    It’s not as if I needed to hear AMP Radio to know how much trouble terrestrial radio is in. But if Clear Channel, Citadel, et. al. want to keep making mistakes and paying their management to make them, it’s not a big deal to me. It’s not as if I have anything invested in these companies.

    Posted 20 Nov 2009 at 5:26 pm
  11. ben wrote:

    I agree with you Howard…these guys just keep making the same mistakes over and over…that’s why they’ll be in trouble. On the surface I’m sure a Top 40 format gets more users, but I don’t know if people normally stick around on a station after the songs are done. Maybe artists should just go pure commercial and just sing about products…most rappers all rap about Crystal, Escalades, etc…

    Posted 24 Nov 2009 at 4:02 pm
  12. stringfellow wrote:

    I have listened to old FHF shows and what Frank Kramer is saying is just not true Unforetunenately. If you downloaded the KLSX FHF podcast from 2009 called “one more year”. They said in the podcast that they where offered a take it of leave it contract. If FHF didn’t sign it CBS would have put Danny Bonaduche in their time slot and FHF would have been out. So you see Kramer was omitting a lot on the last day at KLSX. I listen to FHF now and don’t really care to ever listen to Tom Lykis again.

    Posted 04 Jul 2010 at 7:04 pm
  13. Michael Gabriel wrote:

    I always loved knowing that if I got stuck in LA traffic, which was anytime I used the 405, that I could listen to Heidi, Frank and Frosty and get a good laugh while I waited. Tim Conway and his Whats Jesse Jackson saying? is one of the funniest and most original radio bits to hit the air waves and they want to replace them with Top 40 …. I will BOYCOTT any company that advertises on that radio station if they don’t STOP this nonsense and bring them all back.

    Posted 21 Dec 2010 at 11:08 pm

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