Which of These Do Not Belong

On my meanderings through the interwebs I stumbled upon a link for Bikini Jam 20 Participants.  Apparently it was a Bikini Contest back in 2005 in Cabo San Lucas.  Anyway  as I was purusing the participants this section caught my eye (besides the attractive women):


BOB ANDERSON!  What are you doing here??  I thought you gave up bikini modeling!  If you go through the rest of the participants it’s mostly women with a smattering of men (who aren’t wearing bikinis).  This confused me so I further investigated.  I went and read the description at the top more closely:

These are models, photographers, staff and special guests that will be attending the 20th annual Ujena Bikini Jam to be held September 1-5, 2005 in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Some participants have not yet posted their Ujena Talent profile.

I still think it’s cooler to think Bob Anderson was actually a contestant in this Bikini Content…

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