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Broken Penis and Other Random Things People Search

So installed a plugin (firestats) on my blog that lets me track visitor statistics.  What’s cool about it is you can see what websites are referring you traffic, which posts are the most popular, what country they are from, etc…  However, the coolest part about these stats is tells you what people searched in google […]

Susan Boyle Proves Ugly People Have Talent

The latest internet rage is a video clip from reality show Britain’s Got Talent featuring the singing audition of Susan Boyle.  I would embed the video here, but seems like most of the videos have disabled embedding so follow this link to watch the video.  What’s the big deal?  What makes this audition so much […]

All Time Top iPhone Paid Apps – April 2009

So the recent big hoopla has been the announcement of the impending 1 billionth download of an iPhone / iPod touch application.   That of course is a lot of downloads for a short time.  However in all this time Apple hasn’t been the most forthcoming with data regarding the popularity of these applications.  Sure you […]

I Truly Hate Twitter

If you google “I hate Twitter” you’ll find a bunch of results with “I hate Twitter” in the title.  However, if you actually go and read any of these articles they are all liars!  These people don’t really hate Twitter.  Most say stuff like this… “I hate Twitter because I’m so addicted to it!” “I […]