Broken Penis and Other Random Things People Search

So installed a plugin (firestats) on my blog that lets me track visitor statistics.  What’s cool about it is you can see what websites are referring you traffic, which posts are the most popular, what country they are from, etc…  However, the coolest part about these stats is tells you what people searched in google to end up at your website.  Most of the time it’s just stuff you would expect.  For example, I did a post on the top iPhone Applications and people found my post on it by searching “top iPhone applications” in google.  However, there are some really random / funny things that people have searched to end up on my humble blog.  Below I share a few of my favorites.

I’ve included the actual screen shot from my logs to illustrate and prove that people are actually search this stuff.  As a note the first number is the ip address from the visitor, the second column is the date they visited, the third column is the page they landed on (if it is just a “/” that means they ended up on the home page,, and the final column is what they actually search to end up there.

Hannah Montana in bikini


Let the record show that I am in no way a fan of Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus.  I actually can’t stand her, which is why I was so surprised that people ended up at my blog by searching for her in a bikini.  This means if you came here looking for the “hot” Hannah Montana sporting a bikini, you’ve come to the wrong place.

Things that look like penises


This one I understand cause I did a post on chocolates shaped like penises.  However, I was more curious why this person was looking this up in the first place?  Was it for some kind of school art project?

How could you be so horny


When I saw people searching for “how could you be so horny” I was thrilled.   This was vindication for me and proof that I was not taking crazy pills in thinking that Kanye West is singing “how could you be so horny?” in his hit song “Heartless” (apparently the correct lyrics are “How could you be so heartless?”) as well as proof other people mishear lyrics just like me.

Broken Penis – Oprah

broken-penis-oprahThis one is my all time favorite in terms of wackiness and randomness.   It’s twisted in so many ways when you think about why a person would even search a string like “Broken Penis – Oprah.”  Was he trying to find an article about how Oprah broke some guy’s penis?  Was “Broken Penis” some book this person had her about on Oprah?  Does this person think Oprah is/was a man had has a “Broken Penis?”  The possibilities are endless.


I googled it and apparently Oprah had some Doctor answer the question if men could get a broken penis.  So that makes more sense now, but I still want to know how that guy ended up at my website…

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