A New Game to Pimp Your Friends on Facebook…

This “Pimp Your Friends” games is many things but, it is not:

  • A Facebook Application for dating
  • Actually a Facebook application
  • A Facebook Application to charge strangers money to have sex with your friends

What it is:

  • An easy way to annoy and poke fun at your friends
  • A method to imply that your friends support messages, products, causes which in fact they might not
  • A way to pass the time on Facebook

How to Play:

1)  Select a Facebook advertisement that you want one of your FB friends to endorse.  In my example here I have chosen this Ad which is “Mom Builds Her Company”


2) Select one of your friend’s on Facebook which you would like to “pimp out.”  Or in this case which friend do you think would best represent the advertisement you have chosen.  In my case I felt my friend, we’ll call him Ed, would be a fitting spokesperson for a Mom who builds a company.  Grab a picture from their photos which you think would look best for the ad.  This one is a good one of Ed.


3) Edit the photo you selected so it fits in nicely with the advertisement you chose.  This take a little technical know-how, but you can use photoshop, paint, or whatever imaging program you like to use.  Once you have done that you should have something that might look like this:


4)  Post your newly created advertisement image into your Facebook feed by sharing the image.  Make sure to tag your friend and write a “cheeky” message along side it.  It’s up to you if you want to tell them it’s fake or not.   Here’s my example again.


5) Now wait and see if your friend responds.  If they don’t respond with their own advertisement you are considered the winner which gives you permission to continue putting them into fake ads.

The Inspiration

This game came about from this article i read about how Facebook is already inserting our profile photos (and other photos) into Facebook ads.  Apparently as a user of Facebook you have to go in and manually “opt out.”  I figure if they are going to do that i might as well make my own ads to help them.  You’re welcome Facebook.

Comments 2

  1. Sandy wrote:

    Lol, I love these online wars that you start with Ed!

    Posted 20 Aug 2009 at 7:51 pm
  2. ben wrote:

    It’s too bad he never got me back…so I must be declared the winner!

    Posted 20 Aug 2009 at 8:16 pm

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