iPad Not so iHot

I don’t consider myself an Apple “Fanboy,” but I do happen to like quite a few Apple Products.  For me it’s not about just being blindly loyal to a company for the sake of being loyal (ie Fanboy-ish), but really just choosing to purchase products that I think are better and do what I want them to do.  In college I didn’t like Apple’s products that much.  My roommate had like a G3 iMac and was a big fan of Apple products.  He kept trying to convince me to abandon my home built PC and drink the Apple Kool-Aid.  At the time I wasn’t convinced.  A few years later though after the release of  Mac OSX and playing around with it I decided to jump ship from Windows XP (which was crashy and annoying) give Apple a chance.

It was great and to this day I still love Mac OSX.  I can work efficiently and there is good software for it (though gaming is weak).  Anyway, this long intro was just to highlight the fact that while I use Apple’s product I’m not “owned” by them.   I expect a lot if I’m dropping money on something. So with all the hype surrounding iSlate which now has been confirmed as iPad I wanted to chime in with my 2 cents (as I’m sure millions of others have already).

I know other people are exploding in their pants when they first saw the announcement.  Many people on my Facebook feed were like “I WANT IT NOW”  (in all caps).  However, my response is “Don’t I have this already?”

iPad looks just like a big iPod Touch / iPhone, but more expensive.  Sure it’s “sexy” and all that crap, but if I have a bigger device I expect it to do more things…at least do Flash and let me do some background apps.  Oh yeah, what about Skype video conferencing?  Nope…not without buying external hardware.  You can attach a keyboard to it too, but doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of creating this “tablet” style in the first place?

For all the Fanboys go ahead and buy it right away.  My prediction is this will go the way of the Macbook Air, relatively cool, but not as popular as anticipated.  I’m holding out for another year and looking forward to some Tegra 2 enabled devices.  Have you guys seen this Nvidia pwered ICD Slate that was demoed at CES 2010?  This thing is exciting:

Why is it exciting?

  • It can run a variety of operating systems since it is ARM based (Chrome, Android, Windows Mobile, etc…) so you aren’t locked in.  If you do use Android you’ll still have access to 3rd party apps
  • It plays flash natively…this means Farmville, Bejeweled Blitz on your device
  • It plays 1080p video without breaking a sweat…this means I can watch hulu (since it plays flash) without busting out my laptop…oh it also can output 1080p via HDMI so it’s like a VCR/DVD player you can carry around with you
  • You aren’t locked into Apple and Itunes (which I hate, but that’s another story)…
  • Looks like there’s a camera on that device so skype and other video conferencing is definitely possible
  • It looks like and just as easy to use as iPad
  • If you kept watching the video you can see it runs Unreal 3 with no problems whatsoever

To me this looks like the superior product, but unfortunately ICD can generate the amount of buzz that Apple can.  However, I don’t care I’m still holding out and in the mean time I’m sticking with my iPhone 3GA.

*** UPDATE ***

Here are two other tablets that I’m looking forward to over the “magical and revolutionary” iPad.

The Notion Ink Adam (featuring Pixel Qi screen):

And the Microsoft Courier

I don’t really Microsoft, but they’ve had some decent products (Xbox)…so I was pretty skeptical when I heard about their own tablet pc.  What I like about this is that rather than trying to be a great game device/music device it aims to be a great digital journal.  I like taking notes on real paper notepads.  I find handwriting stuff down helps the creative process and just adds more personality than just typing stuff in.  It also allows more free freedom in how you put stuff down.  Unfortunately searching through piles of notebooks gets old and while I could cut out photos from magazine or print them out on the computer and paste them into my notebook…that’s just too much work.  Depending on the price point this is something that I could definitely use.  Not only would it save me time, but it would also allow me to save paper (and ultimately the environment!).

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