The Saga of Faster and Faster Rapping Pale People

Right now the hot thing going around the internet is white people rapping fast. It all started with one white person showing us how fast he could rap. This lead to more white people showing that they were faster rappers. When will the madness end? Who’s the fastest? I don’t know. Chances there is no limit to white people’s rapping speed. I believe a white people rapping fast renaissance is upon us which we haven’t seen since the likes of Vanilla Ice.

Let me step you through the the saga of Pale People rapping fast.

Watsky, the Original Pale Kid Who Could Rap Fast

The first video that hit the scene was this poet name George Watsky. Apparently in his spare time he hones his poetry by rappin’ fast.

Maclethal Says He’s a Pale Kid Who Can Rap Faster

Not sure the exact inspiration, but after Watsky got all the intention Maclethal decided to unleash some lethal white person rapping fast speed.

Maclethal Does Another Video Proving He’s the Fastest

Apparently a lot of Youtube haters was saying his first video (above) was articially sped up. So to prove his rap worthiness he did another video…this time with iPhone stop watch to prove that indeed he is currently the fastest white person to rap on the planet…

And there you have the current saga of pale people rapping fast. Stay tuned, who know what new challengers will emerge.

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