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If Smartphones are So Smart Why Do I Have to Force Quit Applications

Day 12 of 30 of Writing Challenge This is more of a rant on Android than it is about all smart phones in general. I know people are normally pretty entrenched in either the iPhone camp or the Android camp. As a user of both iPhone (iPhone 3GS) and Android (MyTouch 4G – my current […]

The Next Three Days Movie Review

Day 11 of 30 of Writing Challenge This is going to be a crappy movie review of the Russel Crowe movie “The Next Three Days.” The main reason why it will be crappy is I only watched like half of the movie. Sandy was watching the movie on Netflix and I happened to jump into […]

I Suck at Speaking Authoratively

Day 10 of 30 of Writing Challenge I’m not sure the exact name for it. I call it speaking with authority. These are the times you need to speak in public, on camera, in a small group. It’s when eyes are all on you and you are doing more monologue than conversation. Recently I was […]

Patent Reform Act Reforms Nothing

Day 9 of 30 of Writing Challenge My recent soapbox issue is the state of software patent law in the United States. Most of it stemmed from a This American Life news story that investigated “When Patents Attack”. In others words when people and organizations use broad weak patents to extort money out of companies. The whole […]

Need to Go to Bed Earlier

Day 8 of 30 of Writing Challenge I think I need to change up when I write my posts. I like to write at the end of my day. So far I’ve stayed true. The only problem with doing it at the end of the day is that it’s 5AM in the morning and I’m […] Crowdsourced Assassination

Day 7 of 30 of Writing Challenge I was talking with my roommate today about how upset I still am about the state of software patent laws. Specifically I’m pissed that companies like Intellectual Ventures even exist. Their entire business relies on having more money and more patents than the people they shake down. They […]

A New 30 Day Challenge: Saying NO to Internet News

Day 6 of 30 of Writing Challenge I’ve decided to stop reading or consuming internet news for 30 days starting from today. For me this means no Hacker News, Digg (not that I read it that often), Reddit, Huffington Post, The Awesomer, and what the hell, I’ll throw random Youtube videos in there as well. […]

Why I’m Taking a Break from Facebook

Day 5 of 30 of Writing Challenge About a few weeks ago I made the choice to deactivate my Facebook account for 2 months. Half of it was on a whim, but the other half was out of curiosity. I wanted to see if I left Facebook if I’d miss it. Let me clarify and say […]

Techstars Reality Show: Tech Startups Simplified

Day 4 of 30 of Writing Challenge I finished watching the Techstars reality show by Bloomberg television. I have mixed feelings with the show. On the one hand I think it’s awesome that tech startups have their own medium to showcase what it’s like to build and launch a company. However, how the show turned out leaves […]

Do Penguins Who Steal Go to Hell?

Day 3 of 30 of Writing Challenge Today’s post is inspired by a YouTube video I found today. The video is a clip about male penguin nest building habits. In the video clip you learn that in order for male penguins to attract mates they have to build nests made out of rocks. It’s pretty […]