30 Days of Writing Challenge…Starts Now

Day 1: I suck at writing want to get bettr

I know writing is good for me. There are a “plethora” of blog posts and articles that speak to writing’s benefits. The main benefit of learning to write well is being able to express yourself clearly. I want to be a better communicator as I think it will help in both my personal and professional life. I’ve decided that writing will be my training tool in my quest for better communication.

You only get better by doing, so that’s why I’m starting off with a 30 day in a row writing challenge. This is where I will write something each day for 30 days. To start I don’t care so much about what I write, I just want to force myself write. Just the act of putting my thoughts into words is a good enough mental exercise for me. Whether those words are coherent remains to be seen. Hopefully by the end of the 30 days we’ll see some improvement.

Why 30 days?

I want to develop the habit of writing. I read somewhere how doing something for 30 days straight makes it easier to turn actions into habits. We shall see.

Good news is day 1 is complete. 29 days left.

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