Does Invisalign Build Character or Make You Lazier?

Day 14 of 30 of Writing Challenge

I’ve had Invisalign since March of this year or 7 months. The first few weeks of Invisalign was the most difficult time for me to get accustomed to them. The biggest surprise to me when I first got them was how I needed to have parts of my teeth shaved and also needed to have attachments glued on to my teeth. My dentist neglected to tell me any of this when I went in for my initial consultation. I thought I’d get some clear mouthguard things, easily pop them in my moth, and a few months later my teeth would be perfectly straight. Instead I was shocked when they started gluing this attachments to my teeth and using a circular drill to shave off parts of my teeth to make more room for the eventual movement that would be happening in my mouth.

Aside from the drilling the hardest part about Invisalign was getting used to the pain and new routine. I was accustomed to my teeth not being sore and when I got my first few trays and experience pain when eating it shook up my worldview. You would think I would be used to handling the pain since I had braces as a child, but the body doesn’t really remember the actual pain just the fact that it hurt. This pain definitely wasn’t as bad as braces as I remember when I would get a new wire (which happened every month) that my teeth would be sore for 3 or 4 days afterwards due to the wire pushing in my teeth. Here I still had a similar pain, but an added new one. When I have to eat I have to take off the trays. The first tray I got I had issues putting in and taking the trays out. Added on top of that difficulty is the extra pain that I experienced when taking off a new tray. It felt like I was pulling my teeth out. In addition because my teeth hadn’t yet fully adjust to the shape of the new tray everything was sore. Now it’s not so bad as I’ve gotten better at taking them off. However, I still dread switching to a new set of trays (that’s when the pain starts).

The other part that was hard to adjust to was just the routine of taking on and off my trays. I’ve become more anal about my tooth care since getting Invisalign. The thought of eating food, not flossing or brushing, and putting the trays back on didn’t appeal to me. I didn’t want all the food remnants to be trapped in by the trays thereby allowing bacteria city to grow. Because of that I make it a habit to floss and brush my teeth after eating and before I put back trays back on my teeth. When I can’t brush I floss. The annoying part about this ritual is that it’s kind of time consuming to do this after every time you eat something. I learned quickly that snacking wasn’t worth it. Now I eat about 2 meals a day. Partly this is because I get to wear my trays longer (which makes the correction better faster), but the other part is I’m lazy and don’t want to go through flossing and brushing just to eat one gummy bear.

Eating out is definitely more annoying than eating at home (mostly because I have access to my toothbrush). Even more annoying are multiple course meals. I like to eat my main dish and be done with it. However with Chinese wedding banquets where they have like 12 courses it drags the meal on forever which puts me in limbo on whether to put my trays back in or not while waiting for the next course. There were issues I never really thought about before getting Invisalign.

Sigh. The things we do for vanity.

Day 8 of 30 of No Internet News Challenge

Had a debate with Eric on whether Twitter counts as news as sometimes I click on people’s links to stories. It’s definitely a grey area.

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