Entrepreneur Fun: Getting Rejected from Y Combinator

Day 13 of 30 of Writing Challenge

This post will be barely readable thanks to the bad habit of writing when I’m tired and ready to go to sleep. But as I’ve promised to write everyday for 30 days I’m fulfilling my obligation…to myself. I normally have such great ideas and topics to write about, but I can’t think of much so I’ll just write about getting rejected by Y Combinator.

For those of you who don’t know who Y Combinator Google them. In short they make your entrepreneurial fantasies come true. Have you seen the movie the Social Network? Getting into Y Combinator will make ¬†your company famous and wealthy beyond your wildest dreams (and of course you will get lots of sex in bathrooms). Also if get selected into a Y Combintaor class you get a $150,000 prize (aka a convertible note). So in addition to having sex in bathrooms you get a boatload of cash. As you can imagine everyone and their mom want’s to be part of “Y Com”.

Yes, this means that myself and my mom have applied to Y-Com. I think I’ve applied at least twice now. And both outcomes were the same. Rejection. No sex in bathrooms.

Am I bitter about not getting in? Not really. The first time we applied our application wasn’t that strong. The second time we got rejected (which I just found out about today) we knew it was a long shot. After all, we do run and operate an adult website. And of course anything that has to do with sex is evil, dirty, and wrong. Could you imagine what Demo Day (Y Combinators day where the class presents to investors so they can scramble to stuff cash in their pockets) would have been like if we had gotten in? Vaginas and penises everywhere! Yeah, it was a longshot for us to apply. But I figured why the hell not? Maybe they’d like to try helping out a company in a different industry…and something different for a change. If anything I’ll just assume Paul Graham looked at our application and looked through some porn on our site. Hope you enjoyed it Paul.

Luckily the application didn’t take too long for us to put together (maybe that’s why we didn’t get in!). So there’s always next time. Maybe that will be my next challenge. How many times can we repeatedly get rejected by Y Combinator? We’ll see you next time PG.

Good night.

Day 7 of 30 of No Internet News Challenge

Still in my blissful ignorant state

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  1. Jerry wrote:

    Sorry to hear that man, but on the bright side you can brag that Paul Graham might have wanked because of your site!

    Posted 04 Nov 2011 at 3:06 pm
  2. ben wrote:

    You hit the nail on the head…that’s my one shining hope. I’d be honored if PG wanked to our site :)

    Posted 05 Nov 2011 at 1:30 am

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