Fighting Myself in Order to Keep My Zeo Sensor on My Head

Day 21 of 30 of Writing Challenge

I think last night was my 4th or 5th night with the Zeo mobile sleep tracker. Each and every night during REM sleep I’ve had my sensor come off. At first I thought it must have fallen off while tossing and turning. However, I’m starting to suspect that I’m taking off in my sleep. The main reason I’m thinking this might be the case is the fact that both my sensor and sleep mask are both off. I’m my own worst sleep enemy. Because of this I haven’t been able to get any good readings these past 2 nights.

I’m tempted to just tie my hands together. But wait. That’s probably not a good idea.

Anyway, here’s the data that I did manage to get.

Last night’s sleep stats:

Last night’s sleep graph:

Day 15 of 30 of No Internet News Challenge

I found myself tempted to check news while waiting for someone. I find that’s when I like to read news. Namely when I’m forced to wait. I fought the urge though.

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