I Failed My Challenge for the Second Time

Day 22 of 30 of Writing Challenge

This is not the first time I’ve slipped up in my write for 30 days straight writing challenge. I failed one day about a week ago and I’ve done so again yesterday. Again the culprit is sleep. I feel asleep before I could write my post. Excuses excuses excuses.

Rather than explain how I missed a day. Let me be more constructive and get some writing practice down. Here are some random observations I’ve had based on my weekend. They will be most random.

My First Porn Shoot

I had the opportunity to observe my first porn shoot/set. Interestingly enough I observed no sex and watched 3 male porn stars act out an office scene for 4 hours. While you’d think this be boring, it was actually quite fascinating to see how these films get made. It was also cool to see how these actors actually have some acting chops. I didn’t expect that. I’m not sure how I would have felt observing an actual sex scene live. I’m sure that probably would disturb my zen like calm.

The Republican Debates

I haven’t been actively watching any of these Republican debates. However, it seems like after each of the debates without fail one of the candidates does or says something ridiculous which ends up all over the news. Even aside from the trip ups these candidates have been having, do any of these candidates actually have a plan to help our country? Not just talking points and pandering to the audience. An actual plan and vision for the future of the country? So far I haven’t heard much so while I’m not a fan of what Obama has done so far I feel in his hands than these other clowns (oops, I didn’t want to call them clowns, but I couldn’t help myself).

My Zeo Sleep

So far my sleep trials with the Zeo application have revealed one major thing about my sleeping habits. I move a lot during my sleep. I have yet to have a perfect night where the sensor has remained on my head. This has made it extremely difficult in actively monitoring my sleep. Maybe handcuffs will work.

Day 16 of 30 of No Internet News Challenge

I still sometimes get the cravings for browsing some internet news. It’s more of a way to pass the time than the fact that I actually get anything of value out of it. I wonder if this is how recovering drug addicts feel?

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