Less Sleep But Higher Score Than Before Zeo 76

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Last night was another fun night with the Zeo mobile sleep tracker.

Here is the data from last night:

Here is the sleep graph breakdown:

I’ve been monitoring my sleep for the past 3 nights to see my sleeping habits. In 3 nights I’m convinced that this device is doing something special if not reading my brain waves. I’ve found it to be at least relatively accurate in terms of when I was awoken and when the sensor was off (past 3 nights at some point during sleep the sensor has fallen off). If what they say about REM sleep is when you dream then I can corroborate the data measured from last night’s sleep. The smart alarm on the Zeo woke me up around 11AM. I remember waking up from a dream, snoozing the alarm, and going back to sleep. If you look at the graph data you’ll see when this happened and you’ll also see how I was in REM stage, woken up, and then back in REM.

What’s interesting about the data is seeing how even though I got 40 minutes less sleep than the first night (had 6:51 minutes) how I had a higher score thanks to longer time in deep sleep and almost the same amount of REM sleep. The best part was I was only woken up 3 times during the sleep. Most of which was due to the alarm in the morning. The end result is I felt pretty rested throughout the day (especially when you compare it to the first night’s sleep).

We’ll see how tonight goes. Here are some factors that could effect sleep:

  • had 12 oz can of green tea
  • had a 16 oz iced black tea un-sweetened ice tea
  • no exercise

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