Pornification Post and MyZeo Sleep Coach Excitement

Day 17 of 30 of Writing Challenge

2 things I want to include in this post.

First thing is that I finally published the post I had been working on for ELM called “Pornificaiton: The Future of Web Startups“. Initially I had called the post “Porn Startups.” The reason being was that this post started out as some random jokes I had cracked about just turning popular web companies into straight up porn companies. That idea blossomed into the post that now exists. It was a work in progress over several weeks. It wasn’t so much that I was working on it straight for that many weeks, but that I had a draft and didn’t touch it again until weeks later.

The day before I had been working on the images for the post (finding and photoshopping images…my proudest image is the Instaporn logo…looks almost spot on). I’m not a photoshop expert so I was happy the way the images turned out. Either way the images took some time as well as edits that I did for the post. I’m not a good writer so it took me some time to figure out how to organize the post. To compensate for lack of verbal ability I added the images. I know people don’t like to read too many words (especially my words) so I’d give them images of scantily clad women and screenshots with the words “fuck” on them.

It’s funny how the writing process goes. It wasn’t until yesterday when I was working on the post that I decided to change up the tone of the post to include the “gamification” angle. I made the connection and thought that the parallels between gamification (which makes some technologists jizz in their pants) and this made up “pornification” concept would be pretty funny. After I found the wikipedia article for gamificaton I did a search for pornification. Nothing showed up. That was my inspiration for doing the post as a pornification post.

…Man…i’m pissed. This post I was writing didn’t post properly and I lost about 300 words I had written. That’s not cool. I don’t feel like writing them again.

The other thing was the My Zeo Mobile sleep tracker. Going to test that out now.

Day 10 of 30 of No Internet News Challenge

I did go to hacker news, reddit, digg to submit the post I wrote above. But i didn’t stick around and browse, but just submitted the post. I should be in the clear still.

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