Second Day Zeo Score 106

Day 19 of 30 of Writing Challenge

So I used the Zeo again last night.

My score was 106, but that’s not all me. I let Sandy try it out when she went to sleep so about an hour of it is her stats. Even so I slept more than the night before by about 2 hours or so. Waking up was still tough, but overall I felt more rested than yesterday. I also got more deep sleep and REM sleep. I like those patches of uninterrupted sleep. In the morning I used an eye mask as well since it was kind of bright. Going to keep using that. I might also look into ear plugs as well.

Here’s my sleep stats:

Here is the sleep data for the night:

Notes for today’s pre-sleep:

  • Had 2 beers
  • Had 1 diet coke (about 12 oz)
  • I switched to a new set of invisalign trays

Day 12 of 30 of No Internet News Challenge

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