Zeo Score of 33: Zeo Doesn’t Like to be Charged Upside Down

Day 21 of 30 of Writing Challenge

Going to sleep has definitely been more exciting since getting the Zeo sleep tracker. Each night I get to try to beat my previous sleep score by just sleeping. It’s fun also waking up to discover what was going on while sleeping.

Anyway, I learned an important Zeo lesson. Always keep your Zeo properly charged. I woke up only to find that my Zeo’s battery was dead and I had lost some data. It turns out while I thought my Zeo was charging during the day that it was upside down so it was receiving no charge. My score also wasn’t helped by once again taking off the sensor in my sleep. I’m going to tighten it tonight.

Overall my sleep last night was not as pleasant as the previous night. Hopefully I do better tonight.

Sleep stats:

Sleep graph:

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