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I Failed My Challenge for the Second Time

Day 22 of 30 of Writing Challenge This is not the first time I’ve slipped up in my write for 30 days straight writing challenge. I failed one day about a week ago and I’ve done so again yesterday. Again the culprit is sleep. I feel asleep before I could write my post. Excuses excuses […]

Patent Reform Act Reforms Nothing

Day 9 of 30 of Writing Challenge My recent soapbox issue is the state of software patent law in the United States. Most of it stemmed from a This American Life news story that investigated “When Patents Attack”. In others words when people and organizations use broad weak patents to extort money out of companies. The whole […]

Apparently I’m Racist

Thanks to the Harvard Implicit Association Test (IAT) a friend of mine sent me to take I have learned that I’m racist.  Harvard doesn’t directly call me a racist, but say that my results “suggest a moderate automatic preference for European American compared to African American.”    If European American = white and African American = […]

McCain Ad Logic: McCain Won’t Live to Be Your President

I’m amazed at the kind of ads the McCain campaign has been releasing into the wild.  It’s amazing to see how he flat out lies or as the media likes to call it “stretch the truth.”  What prompted this post was this article I read about  McCain Loses Fox News: Megyn Kelly Rips McCain Flack […]