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Fighting Myself in Order to Keep My Zeo Sensor on My Head

Day 21 of 30 of Writing Challenge I think last night was my 4th or 5th night with the Zeo mobile sleep tracker. Each and every night during REM sleep I’ve had my sensor come off. At first I thought it must have fallen off while tossing and turning. However, I’m starting to suspect that […]

Zeo Score of 33: Zeo Doesn’t Like to be Charged Upside Down

Day 21 of 30 of Writing Challenge Going to sleep has definitely been more exciting since getting the Zeo sleep tracker. Each night I get to try to beat my previous sleep score by just sleeping. It’s fun also waking up to discover what was going on while sleeping. Anyway, I learned an important Zeo […]

Less Sleep But Higher Score Than Before Zeo 76

Day 20 of 30 of Writing Challenge Last night was another fun night with the Zeo mobile sleep tracker. Here is the data from last night: Here is the sleep graph breakdown: I’ve been monitoring my sleep for the past 3 nights to see my sleeping habits. In 3 nights I’m convinced that this device […]

Second Day Zeo Score 106

Day 19 of 30 of Writing Challenge So I used the Zeo again last night. My score was 106, but that’s not all me. I let Sandy try it out when she went to sleep so about an hour of it is her stats. Even so I slept more than the night before by about […]

Pornification Post and MyZeo Sleep Coach Excitement

Day 17 of 30 of Writing Challenge 2 things I want to include in this post. First thing is that I finally published the post I had been working on for ELM called “Pornificaiton: The Future of Web Startups“. Initially I had called the post “Porn Startups.” The reason being was that this post started […]

Does Invisalign Build Character or Make You Lazier?

Day 14 of 30 of Writing Challenge I’ve had Invisalign since March of this year or 7 months. The first few weeks of Invisalign was the most difficult time for me to get accustomed to them. The biggest surprise to me when I first got them was how I needed to have parts of my […]

Entrepreneur Fun: Getting Rejected from Y Combinator

Day 13 of 30 of Writing Challenge This post will be barely readable thanks to the bad habit of writing when I’m tired and ready to go to sleep. But as I’ve promised to write everyday for 30 days I’m fulfilling my obligation…to myself. I normally have such great ideas and topics to write about, […]

If Smartphones are So Smart Why Do I Have to Force Quit Applications

Day 12 of 30 of Writing Challenge This is more of a rant on Android than it is about all smart phones in general. I know people are normally pretty entrenched in either the iPhone camp or the Android camp. As a user of both iPhone (iPhone 3GS) and Android (MyTouch 4G – my current […]

Patent Reform Act Reforms Nothing

Day 9 of 30 of Writing Challenge My recent soapbox issue is the state of software patent law in the United States. Most of it stemmed from a This American Life news story that investigated “When Patents Attack”. In others words when people andĀ organizationsĀ use broad weak patents to extort money out of companies. The whole […] Crowdsourced Assassination

Day 7 of 30 of Writing Challenge I was talking with my roommate today about how upset I still am about the state of software patent laws. Specifically I’m pissed that companies like Intellectual Ventures even exist. Their entire business relies on having more money and more patents than the people they shake down. They […]