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Why I’m Taking a Break from Facebook

Day 5 of 30 of Writing Challenge About a few weeks ago I made the choice to deactivate my Facebook account for 2 months. Half of it was on a whim, but the other half was out of curiosity. I wanted to see if I left Facebook if I’d miss it. Let me clarify and say […]

R.I.P. O’Malley Valdez Madoff

For the past 6 months…(or year?) I conducted a very simple social experiment.  I changed my name on Facebook from Ben Tao to “O’malley Valdez” and then to “O’malley Valdez Madoff.” Why?  It all started out of boredom as I was playing around with Facebook settings.  I happen to click on in the section where […]

A New Game to Pimp Your Friends on Facebook…

This “Pimp Your Friends” games is many things but, it is not: A Facebook Application for dating Actually a Facebook application A Facebook Application to charge strangers money to have sex with your friends Bookmark It Hide Sites