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If Smartphones are So Smart Why Do I Have to Force Quit Applications

Day 12 of 30 of Writing Challenge This is more of a rant on Android than it is about all smart phones in general. I know people are normally pretty entrenched in either the iPhone camp or the Android camp. As a user of both iPhone (iPhone 3GS) and Android (MyTouch 4G – my current […]

iPhone 3GS? No Thanks I Have iPhone 3GA

No one will argue the fact that the iPhone (in all its iterations) has been wildly successful.  It’s a cool, slick looking, and useful phone.  If it wasn’t for AT&T and their god awful data pricing plans, I might be tempted to buy one.   Until then I’m sticking with my trusty super smart phone Bookmark […]

All Time Top iPhone Paid Apps – April 2009

So the recent big hoopla has been the announcement of the impending 1 billionth download of an iPhone / iPod touch application.   That of course is a lot of downloads for a short time.  However in all this time Apple hasn’t been the most forthcoming with data regarding the popularity of these applications.  Sure you […]