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Twitter Is For Dummies

I was amazed to find that there was a Twitter for Dummies book out there…but then again there’s just about a [fill in the blank] for Dummies book for everything (my personal favorite is Cleaning Your Cat’s Litter Box for Dummies). As you guys know I’m a SUPER BIG AWESOME-O BEST-EST Fan of Twitter (see […]

Some People Hate Twitter More than Me

So it’s no secret that I’m not the biggest fan of twitter.  I have my reasons, but I feel I’m somewhat rational about my hatred towards it (can hate even be rational?).  Anyway, I monitor my blog traffic and the google terms that send people to my humble web space.  This one entry in the […]

I Like Kanye West More…Because of Twitter…Or Because He Hates It

Apparently not all celebrities are the biggest fans of uber super popular awesome-o micro blogging platform, Twitter.  People like Ashton Kutcher, Jimmy Fallon, etc… are using it to update “us” hungry fans about their great lives that we don’t have.  So imagine my pleasant surprise when I found out that Kanye West hates twitter…just like […]

I Truly Hate Twitter

If you google “I hate Twitter” you’ll find a bunch of results with “I hate Twitter” in the title.  However, if you actually go and read any of these articles they are all liars!  These people don’t really hate Twitter.  Most say stuff like this… “I hate Twitter because I’m so addicted to it!” “I […]